Improve Your Fuel

Improve Your Fuel

Boost My Fuel products are used to minimize maintenance costs, extend engine life, increase performance, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce harmful emissions & pollutants. It works great in all diesel, gasoline, and bio-fuel blends.

Boost My Fuel improves performance, reduces carbon build-up and carbon-related maintenance problems, provides additional lubrication to Fuel injectors, Fuel Pumps, Valve Guides, Upper Cylinder Walls, and Upper Piston Rings. Saving your fuel, your money, reducing harmful emissions, and pollutants into the environment.

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What are the benefits of using, Boost My Fuel in my gasoline automobile, or diesel power truck?

Here is a list of Boost My Fuel benefits:

1) Stabilizer - Permits perpetual fuel storage of diesel, gasoline, & bio-fuel.
2) Combustion Catalysts - Improves combustion efficiency.
3) Polymerization Retardant - Keeps diesel fuel pumpable and combustible.
4) Dispersant - Eliminates filter plugging and injector scoring.
5) Corrosion Inhibitor - Retards internal corrosion and fouling of fuel tanks.
6) Demulsifier - Removes water from the fuel.
7) Lubricant - Lubricates the fuel system.
8) Detergent - Cleans injectors.

What makes your product different from all the other additives on the market?

BOOST MY FUEL, has been used in Commercial/Industrial Engines, during the past 65 years. It is very concentrated; one gallon will treat 10,000 gallons of fuel.
BOOST MY FUEL, includes detergents, to remove harmful deposits from fuel pumps and injectors. Lubricants to provide lubrication to pistons, upper cylinder walls, valves, fuel pumps, fuel injectors and reduces friction. Fuel stabilizers to prolong the life of stored fuel. Polymerization retardant and dispersants to reduce sludge in fuel. Rust and corrosion inhibitors to prevent fuel system corrosion. Demulsifiers to help reduce water which forms in fuel. Additionally, there is a Combustion Catalyst which will help increase fuel economy, and reduce combustible carbon residue (unburned fuel, or CO & CO2).

How does your additive work?

BOOST MY FUEL contains an oil soluble, organo-metallic compound which functions as a ‘burn rate modifier’ and a ‘catalyst’ to lower the ignition point of fuel in the combustion chamber. It reduces the temperature of the burn from 1200ºF to 800ºF which increases the length of the time of the fuel burn. This results in a more complete burn of the available BTU’s of the fuel. The product also causes a reduction in the fuel droplet size, which is injected into the combustion chamber, thus increasing the surface area available to be burned. This results in a more complete fuel burn, which provides additional horse power, improved mileage, and helps reduce emissions.

Will your product void my new car warranty?

No, Engine manufactures cannot discriminate against the use of a fuel additive. Under the terms of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act in the US., engine manufacturers must take the position that the use of a fuel additive does NOT void the engine warranty unless it can be proven that the specific additive was the cause of the failure.
Manufactures may assert that the use of certain additives may prove useful.

Will using your product damage my engine?

BOOST MY FUEL has been specifically tested to ensure complete compliance, with all standards and performance criteria. The product will not damage any engine, and has never damaged any engine during 65 years of use.