BOOST MY FUEL High Performance Diesel & Gasoline Additive. Made In The USA, For Over 65 Years

Manufactured in the USA, for over 65 Years. BOOST MY FUEL’s Combustion Catalyst Burn Rate Modifier, is a high performance diesel & gasoline fuel additive. With These benefits: * Stabilizer for perpetual fuel storage. * Demulsifier, which Removes Water from Fuel. *Polymerization Retardant; Prohibits Particulates from Forming. *Detergents which Cleans the Engine Continually. *Corrosion Inhibitor to Extend Life of the Engine. *Dispersant, which Eliminates Filter Plugging and Injector Scoring. *Lubricant, to lubricate Internal Parts. And a *Organometallic Combustion Catalyst, increases the amount of BTU energy from the hydrocarbon, to Improve Fuel Efficiency. 


Boost My Fuel benefits:

1) Stabilizer - Permits perpetual fuel storage of diesel, gasoline, & bio-fuel. 

2) Detergent - Cleans injectors and engine parts continually.

3) Lubricant - Lubricates internal parts.

4) Demulsifier - Removes water from the fuel.

5) Polymerization Retardant - Prohibits Particulates from Forming
6) Dispersant - Eliminates filter plugging and injector scoring.

7) Corrosion Inhibitor - Retards internal corrosion and fouling of fuel system.
8) Combustion Catalysts – Improves performance, and combustion efficiency.
Note: There are 3 components which differentiate BOOST, with other multi symptom additive products on the market, here: (a.) our Organometallic Combustion Catalyst (b.) our Organic Dispersant (c.) our Polymerization Retardant. 


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