About Us

Our Mission

Boost My Fuel, is focused on one of kind innovative performance, money saving, quality products, with the best value bar none, Go Green Save Green! 

Boost My Fuel products, are used to: minimize maintenance costs, extend engine life, increase performance, reduce fuel consumption, reduce harmful emissions & pollutants. For use in Diesel, Gasoline, and Bio-Fuel Blends.

Boost My Fuel, is always thinking about the big picture, and dedicated to keeping a customer's confidence, with a very big heart. A natural entrepreneurial company spirit with open door access to any and all staff. Persistent on cultivating and improving ideas, and recognizing that maybe a better mousetrap can be built, and we will get the job done.

Boost My Fuel offers its customers a design philosophy, that promises to keep the solution simple, yet effective. An engineering know-how that remembers we're doing this to solve problems for our customers, not create new ones.

Whether it’s our Boost My Fuel, diesel and gasoline fuel additives. Or the specialty-engineered fluid injector equipment. We are a company that will give the individual attention required to every customer, all the time. Guaranteed.

Overview and History

best fuel saver

Since the 1950’s, the manufacturer of Boost My Fuel, has been chosen to provide the fuel additives to ensure the operation of critical equipment, in times of emergency for the U.S. Government, major utilities, and some of nation's largest manufacturing operations.

Until very recently, Boost My Fuel was only available in Bulk containers... Now it is available to the general public and the business community! If Boost My Fuel is capable of meeting these rigorous standards, imagine what this fuel improver will do for your vehicle!

Experience The Advantage:

  • The competitive advantage comes from the quality of the products at reasonable pricing.
  • Credentials and capabilities which are unmatched in this industry.
  • The sales and technical support is unparalleled.

Boost My Fuel, may be used in:

  • Generators
  • Power Plants
  • Trucking Fleets
  • Farm & Agriculture Equipment
  • Refuse Service
  • Plumbing Service
  • Electrical Service Fleet Engine Equipment & Vehicles
  • Military Equipment
  • Railroad Industry
  • Mining Equipment & Industry
  • Shipping Ocean, Sea Vessels, & Cruise Ships
  • Shipping Ocean Freight Vessels
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Automobiles
  • RV's
  • Boat & Marine
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV's
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Racing
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Small Engine
  • Many other applications too!

Manufacturing Process

top fuel technologyOur business grew out of the emergency power industry. The owners of the company headed up Bell Labs, fuels and lubrication research division for 28 years, until 1982 when they started their own company. Their mission was to maintain the emergency power systems for the telephone companies which included keeping diesel fuel absolutely reliable in storage for long periods of time. In addition to keeping the fuel reliable forever, the storage system including the tanks and piping was maintained to keep it free of corrosion. We have patented products and fuel testing procedures that have been developed and we continue to be on the cutting edge of fuel additive technology by keeping up with the many changes that petroleum fuels are currently undergoing.

Our competitive advantage comes from the quality of the products at reasonable pricing. Our background of solving fuel problems, and improving the performance of fuels, spans back to the 1950's. Our credentials and capabilities are unmatched in this industry. We have solved problems for fuel users and distributors, the US Government, major industry, major utilities and other industry leading corporations for over 60 years. The laboratory support manned by petroleum chemical engineers, organic chemists and a corrosion engineer provides top quality fuel analysis and problem solving. The sales and technical support, is unparalleled.

Our background initially qualifies us as a very relevant company because of the high level of understanding of the specific needs of diesel & gasoline fuel markets. Our world class scientists have developed products over the years that are in much demand right now because of the issues of fuel performance challenges. Modern diesel engine changes need a top quality fuel that performs at a high level and our products accomplish that. We have begun marketing and selling in the US consumer market and international arena where the opportunities are great. We are committed to helping our distributors grow by offering a level of sales, marketing and technical support that is not easily found in the marketplace.

We have rigid QA/QC oversight in our blending plant as well as in our fuels laboratory and we perform a large range of fuel analysis per ASTM methods as well as proprietary analysis that has been an integral part of our customer support. There are 2 sales offices on the East Coast. Our warehouse on the East Coast is conveniently located in the middle of our largest market area and we ship most products from there. We manufacture, blend and sell diesel fuel additives, marine diesel additives, heavy oil additives, heating oil additives and gasoline additives. These products range from cold flow additives, combination cold flow additives, combustion catalysts, biocides, stability additives and organic dispersants, detergents and corrosion inhibitors.