Is Your Vehicle’s Engine Running Poorly__? What Are Symptoms of Fuel Injector Failure__?

Is Your Vehicle’s Engine Running Poorly__? What Are Symptoms of Fuel Injector Failure__? 

Symptoms of Fuel Injector Failure include: 
Decrease in; power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. In severe cases, will cause the engine to misfire, stall, or prevent the engine from running at all.
Another problem is fuel odor. Injectors hold high pressure, and over time can cause them to leak at the nozzle, or at the seal, which is located at the tip of the injector. The leaky injector will inject excess fuel into the combustion chamber. 
Injecting too much fuel into the combustion chamber, will not all burn complete, and drain down the cylinder walls. Which creates excess friction on the cylinder walls, creating excess wear, leading to eventual cylinder failure, and engine failure.

The Fuel Injector Orifices, can clog up over time, due to: inorganic debris, such as; dust, sand, or hydrocarbons, sediment and other elements in the fuel. 
Internal fuel tank components rust due to the presence of water in the fuel. Water gets into the fuel due to the fact that the Ethanol in the fuel is hygroscopic (attracts water).
Some smaller and older service stations have debris and sediment in their storage tanks, and that sediment and debris can eventually make its way into your vehicles fuel tank. Which may eventually be pumped through the fuel system of your vehicle, to the injectors of your vehicles engine. Over time, the injectors get gummed up with varnish and gunk, which formed when fuel is left in the tank for long periods of time.
When you consider the size of the Fuel Injector “Orifices,” which spray diesel fuel or gasoline, are smaller than a strand of human hair. You understand how they can clog up over time, or become damaged, and need replaced. The average cost of a fuel injector cleaning ranges between $50.00 to well over $100.00 depending on the number of cylinders, and make & model of your vehicle.
If the injector, or orifices have become damaged, the replacement costs will range from $272.00 to $500.00 or more, depending on make, model and engine size. 
The labor costs are estimated between $123.00 and $156.00

If the fuel injectors are not damaged, a more affordable and effective solution, is to treat your diesel fuel, or gasoline, with BOOST MY FUEL. The Detergents clean: fuel injectors, and lubricate for peak performance.
Depending upon the amount of hydrocarbon, varnish, gunk, dirt, and build-up on the injectors, and the number of miles or hours the engine has run, will generally dictate how many fuel tank treatments to use.
Engines with lower mileage, or hours, may only require one, two or three fuel tank treatment of BOOST MY FUEL. However, engines with higher mileage, or hours, may require 5 – 7 fuel tank treatments of BOOST MY FUEL to effectively clean and lubricate the injectors. A $3.00 single pack of BOOST MY FUEL will treat between 10 - 40 gallons, of diesel fuel or gasoline. 

Experience the savings, by using BOOST MY FUEL. Which will easily save you hundreds of dollars in cleaning costs, or replacement costs in the future. And prevent your vehicle from a potential future break down.
It is a proven fact, a clean, and well lubricated engine is a more efficient engine. Additionally, the Catalyst in BOOST MY FUEL, lowers the ignition temperature of the hydrocarbon from 1200 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Which allows the hydrocarbon to burn more complete, saving fuel. This offsets the cost of BOOST MY FUEL, including reduced maintenance, mechanical costs, and extending the life of your engine, as well.
Give BOOST MY FUEL, a try, and witness positive results yourself!


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