BOOST High Performance Fuel Additive - 10 Pack

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Ten packs of .5 oz BOOST Fuel Saver. Each of the 10 packs will treat up to 40 gallons of fuel for each tankful. This 10 pack will treat up to 400 gallons of gas, diesel, or ethanol.


Boost fuel saver provides the most comprehensive fuel treatment available on the market today. Works great with gasoline, diesel, or bio-fuel.

Each tankful with BOOST will:

  • Improve Performance and Horsepower
  • Increase Fuel Mileage up to 10% or More
  • Prolong Engine Life
  • Reduce Engine Wear
  • Decrease Emissions

The results you'll see from using this high performance fuel additive are increased with regular use. Optimal results come from adding a pack to your tank every time you fill up. Stock up using these 10 packs so you never run out.  Your vehicle will thank you for it.

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