What Are Symptoms of Engine Carbon Deposits__? And Treatment Options__?


Symptoms of carbon build-up generally include: (a.) hard engine starts (b.) rough cold idle (c.) decreased acceleration (d.) misfires (e.) black exhaust clouds under hard acceleration (f.) check engine light comes on.

Mechanical service requires the physical cleaning of; the intake manifold, intake ports, carbon on valves, top of head, and top of piston.

Due to its time consuming nature, this repair can be expensive, with costs averaging several hundred dollars, to well over thousand dollars, depending on the size and type of engine. Labor cost to clean and remove carbon, can easily add up hundreds of dollars, to well over $1,000.00 dollars in labor costs. A more affordable and effective solution, is to treat your diesel fuel, or gasoline, with BOOST MY FUEL. The Detergents clean: fuel injectors, eliminates carbon build up, and keeps engine components free of deposits, and lubricate for peak performance.

Depending upon the amount of carbon build-up on the; intake manifold, and valves or top of piston, will dictate the number of treatments. The more miles or hours on an engine, will generally dictate how many fuel tank treatments to use. Engines with lower mileage, or hours, may only require one, two or three fuel tank treatment of BOOST MY FUEL. However, engines with higher mileage, or hours, may require 5 – 7 fuel tank treatments of BOOST MY FUEL.  A $3.00 single pack of BOOST MY FUEL will treat between 10 - 40 gallons of diesel fuel or gasoline.

This savings can easily save hundreds of dollars, to well over $1,000.00 dollars in labor costs.

It is a proven fact, a clean, and well lubricated engine is a more efficient engine. Additionally, the Catalyst in BOOST MY FUEL, lowers the ignition temperature of the hydrocarbon from 1200 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Which allows the fuel to burn more complete, saving your money. This savings helps offsets the cost of BOOST MY FUEL, including reduced maintenance, mechanical costs, and extending the life of your engine, as well.

Give BOOST MY FUEL, a try, and witness the results yourself!


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