Burn Fuel‬ in Your Engine Not Out the Exhaust

A catalyst of any type is something that will speed up a reaction, or allow a reaction to take place at a lower temperature. In our case the catalyst lowers the ignition temperature of the Hydrocarbon by 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) which normally ignites around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (649 degrees Celsius) to a temperature of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 degrees Celsius). This facilitates a more efficient complete burn of individual hydrocarbons, which allows the fuel to burn more complete!
By producing a more complete burn, the most available BTU's (energy) in that gallon or lb. of fuel will be used. It does not increase BTU's but allows the combustion process to convert more of the available BTU's into energy.

By burning hydrocarbons more completely there is less unburned or partially burned fuel going up a stack in the form of particulate emissions.

BOOST is a unique blend of oil soluble organo-metallics which results in better overall performance of your internal-combustion engine. When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, BOOST increases the combustion efficiency of your engine, and a whole lot MORE TOO!

 Do you have :
(1.) Water in your fuel?
(2.) Dirty or clogged Fuel Injectors?
(3.) Are you storing your fuel, more than 30 days?
(4.) Does your Fuel System/Fuel Tank have Rust or Corrosion?
(5.) Does you engine have carbon build-up on various internal engine components?
(6.) Do your Fuel Injectors, Valve Guides, Upper Cylinder Wall & Rings, receive adequate lubrication?
(7.) Does your fuel contain an industrial fuel catalyst__?
Or are you loosing energy and power from partially burned hydrocarbons in your Gasoline, Diesel, or Bio-Fuel blend fuels.
Are you interested in receiving more BTU’s and Power from the fuel which your engine uses__?
(8.) Does your fuel system have sludge buildup, or a plugged fuel filter?
(9.) How many products would you need to purchase to treat all these problems, and how much would all the products cost for You to treat_______?
(10.) Do not worry! BOOST will treat these problems – 1. - 10. Using; Diesel, Gasoline or Bio-fuel blend fuels.



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