Toyota Tacoma Owner Explains the Value of BOOST MY FUEL

I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab, 4X4 with a 4.0 Liter size engine. I began using BOOST MY FUEL when my truck had over 9,294 miles.  I use it each time I fill-up my tank.

My truck now has 26,170 miles on the vehicle/engine.I have taken interstate trips from Nebraska to Georgia, and Illinois, and averaged over 21 miles per gallon on the highway.

Other than a couple long distance trips, I travel mostly in the city, where I average 18–19 miles per gallon or more in the spring, summer, and early to mid fall season.

It is proven using winter blend fuels reduce economy 3%-5% on average. I have witnessed my mileage using winter blend fuels, and depending upon winter time conditions, will average 16–18 miles per gallon in the city.

Here is the official EPA U.S. Government source for fuel economy information by make, model, and engine size for the Toyota Tacoma 4X4 4.0 liter engine:  It is rated at 16 mpg in the city, 18 mpg combined, and 20 mpg on the highway.

In addition to fuel savings, I have witnessed the engine horsepower and performance is truly maximized at all times. And I also witness oil stays cleaner between the oil changes, due to cleaner combustion. Additionally this is also visually witnessed, with the photo images of the exhaust tail-pipe which are included with this report.

The gasoline fuel hydrocarbon is burning so clean, there are virtually no carbon deposits when I swipe the tail-pipe with end of my finger. It really and truly amazes me how complete and clean the fuel is burning, with significantly lower Combustible Carbon Residue, as indicated in the photos which are attached with this report (below).

I also use BOOST MY FUEL, in my lawnmower, and 2 cycle chainsaw, and witness better starting and performance as well.

I recommend every one use BOOST MY FUEL, in their gasoline, diesel, or bio-fuel blend fuels.

I truly believe their ought to be an international world-wide, global law that everyone use BOOST MY FUEL, to help planet earth by reducing climate change and or global warming.

Special Note: Fuel Mileage and Performance results vary based upon; winter fuel blend seasonal vs. regular blend fuel. Bio-fuel blends, refining quality, road terrain, driving elevation up vs. down, load weight, oil change, clean air filter, proper tire inflation, and engine tune-up and overall care condition, will affect mileage and performance as well.


Kelly Brooks


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