BOOST MY FUEL Successs Report for a 2005 Subaru Imprezza Outback Sport

Odometer mileage 34,924. With photo of exhaust tail-pipe. You will see the fuel hydrocarbon’s are burning very clean and efficient too!

Here are the results I have witnessed, using Boost Fuel Saver, each time I fill-up my gas tank, in my 2005 Imprezza Subaru Outback Sport:

(a.) During a recent highway road trip from California returning to my home in Nebraska, in April of 2013. I obtained over 33 MPG.
(b.) My latest trip highway road trip to Alabama, and returning home to Nebraska, in May of 2013. I witnessed between 28 – 31 MPG during the trip. These results are truly phenomenal, and are way off the charts. And considering I have a Lead-Foot is remarkable as well too!
(c.)I have witnessed city mileage average results between 23 – 26 MPG. And results over 27 MPG!

Official US Government EPA fuel mileage for a 2005 Subaru Outback Sport is rated at 20 City and 27 Highway. Here is the link:


Subaru fuel mileage improvementclean burning fuelBOOST MY FUEL



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