Performance For Your Gasoline Diesel or Bio-Fuel Blend Fuels

It is a proven fact, that a clean engine is more efficient, and the detergents in BOOST, will continuously clean your engine's: Fuel Injectors, Fuel System/Fuel Pump, remove Carbon Deposits on Valves/Piston, and in the Combustion Chamber as well.

There are Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors, which prevents Fuel System and Tank Corrosion caused by Oxidation and Condensation.

BOOST contains a Demulsifier, for water in fuel, and a Fuel Stabilizer, which prolongs life of stored fuel.

It is also a proven fact a well lubricated engine will extend engine life, and improve fuel efficiency. The Lubricants in BOOST, are important for Fuel Injector’s, Valve Guides, Upper Cylinder Walls, and Rings.

BOOST MY FUEL is a unique blend of oil soluble organo-metallics, which results in better overall performance of your internal-combustion engine.

For increased; engine life, horsepower, performance, fuel life, increased fuel efficiency, more BTUs, from your fuel, and reducing harmful emissions. You will witness value bar-none guaranteed.

Witness 60 years of proven Commercial & Industrial field use. Now available for your use, in: Diesel, Gasoline, or Bio-Fuel blend fuels.

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