Demand More Energy/BTUs From the Hydrocarbons in Your Fuel

The atmosphere is not pure oxygen. It contains a number of other gases including nitrogen (78%), argon, hydrogen, iodine, and other trace compounds.

The effect of these other compounds is two-fold. First, they act as contaminants in the reaction. They also act to effectively limit the concentration of oxygen.

Rather than 100% oxygen, reactions that occur under atmospheric conditions are subject to only 21% oxygen. When oxygen is a limiting factor, it is not possible to pair every carbon atom with two oxygen atoms during a combustion reaction. Thus, some carbon atoms end up with only one oxygen atom. This produces carbon monoxide.

When a combustion reaction produces CO, it is referred to as incomplete combustion. BOOST FUEL SAVER is a unique blend of oil soluble organo-metallics, which results in better overall performance of your internal-combustion engine.

When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, Boost Fuel Saver increases the combustion efficiency of your engine.

A catalyst of any type is something that will speed up a reaction, or allow a reaction to take place at a lower temperature. In our case the catalyst lowers the ignition temperature of the Hydrocarbon by 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) which normally ignites around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (649 degrees Celsius) to a temperature of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 degrees Celsius).

This facilitates a more efficient complete burn of individual hydrocarbons, which allows the fuel to burn more complete, saving fuel!

Save your money and help planet earth. Use BOOST MY FUEL on every fill up.

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