Engine performance will affect your vehicles fuel economy

Poor Engine Performance, Will Affect Your Vehicles #fuel Economy.

Witness And Experience Yourself How Boost Fuel Saver Will Help Your Engine Here:
• A Fuel Catalyst = Enables A Chemical Reaction To Proceed At A Lower Temperature, Thereby Reducing Fuel Consumption = Increases Mileage And Lowers Fuel Costs
• A Fuel Stabilizer = Prolongs Life Of Fuel
• A Demulsifier = Separates Water From Fuel
• A Polymerization Retardant = Keeps Diesel Fuel Free Of Particulate
• A Lubricant = Lubricates Pumps, Injectors And Cylinder Walls & Rings
• A Detergent = Cleans And Maintains Engine Parts
• A Corrosion Inhibitor = Prevents Corrosion

• Provides More Efficient Combustion By Lowering Ignition Temperature Of The Hydrocarbon
• Prevents Soot And Carbon Deposits From Adhering To Equipment And Metal Surfaces
• Keeps Hydrocarbons Separated Not Allowing Them To Stick Together To Form Gums, Resins And Particulate
• Stabilizes The Natural Chemical Activity Of Fuel Preventing Formation Of Fuel Particulate
• Includes Detergents For Both Gasoline And Diesel
• Lubricates Fuel Pumps, Injectors And Upper Cylinder Walls
• Includes A Corrosion Inhibitor To Keep Metal Components Of The Fuel System Like New
• Demulsifies To Keep Water Out Of The Fuel
• Prolongs The Life Of Stored Fuel Ensuring Fuel Reliability
• Allows Use Of Lower Octane Gasoline And Lower Quality Fuels With No Decrease In Engine Performance
• Offers Optimum Results In Engine Performance When Combined With Regular And Scheduled Maintenance Of “any” Internal Combustion Engine
• Lowers Overall Operating Costs
• Increases Engine Life
• Reduces Emissions With A More Complete Burn
• One (1/2) Ounce Of Boost Treats Up To 40 Gallons Of Gasoline Or Diesel Fuel. Cost .10 Cents Per Gallon
ROI Investment Example Of 10% Increase In Fuel Mileage: At $3.50 Per Gallon X 10% = $.35 Cents - $.10 Cent Cost Of Product And Your Net Savings Is $.25 Cents Per Gallon, Returned To Your Pocket In Fuel Savings!


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